Kevin and Tahnee
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We are sorry that you didn't get to join us on our special day but be assured you weren't forgotten. Your blessings and well wishes will be greatly treasured in our lives together.
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Congratulations Tahnee welcome to the fam Kevin! Chane and I wish you both the world of happiness and life full of good times together! Lots of love Toby and Chane
- Toby and Chane
Congratulations to our beautiful Tahnee and Kevin you were made for each other. Your photos,vows and the rainforest are all gorgeous.May there always be as much happiness in your days as there is love in your hearts.We love you dearly and are very proud of you. Lots and lots of love always Nan and Pop xxxxxxxxxxx
- Nan and Pop
Omg congratulations guys, the pictures are so lovely and I loved your vows, wish I could have been there, I hope your future together is bright and adventurous. :)
- Kirsty
Congratulations Tahnee and Kevin. If was so beautiful that you have had the perfect wedding that you wanted. We are so happy for you both and wish you a world of happiness for your life together. xxx
- Matt and Leanne Hohn
Congratulations Tahnee & Kevin. You both look so beautiful and made for each other. I wish both a lifetime of happiness and togetherness. Have a happily married life. :)
- nisargam - (tumblr)
Yeow Tahnee & Kevin! So happy for you guys :) So happy for you guys and your future, and reading your vows was just confirmation that you are both going to have the best life together! Looked like you had the best day! (ノヮ)ノ*:・゚✧
- Slater (fuzzy man peach)
Thanks for sharing your special news and the snippets of that day ... its so wonderful to see you looking so happy! Congratulations to you both. Our family wishes your family a long journey of love, friendship, support, joy, wealth, good health, prosperity in all its forms and happiness. Be sure to stand guard over what is precious to each other and remember to grow together xx
- Debbie Perry
OMG, A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS, Kevin & Tahnee !!!... What a Beautiful Wedding & Breathtaking Setting!!... U Both Look Spectacular!!!... Wishing U a Life-Time of Tomorrows Filled with LUV, UNDERSTANDING, MUTUAL RESPECT, GOOD COMMUNICATION, PROSPERITY, BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS, FABULOUS SURPRISES ...and... May your Journey Together, Remain as Beautiful as Your Wedding Day, ALWAYS!!... Much Luv, Kisses 'n Cuddles to U Both... <3 :* {}
- Sophia Diedericks
Congratulations Tahnee and Kevin. You looked beautiful. Xo
- Piper
Congratulations on your very special day. You looked beaitiful. I wish you both many years of happiness. Xoxo ox
- tacita, aarron, issac n maddison burgess
Congratulations Tahnee and Kevin. Such a beautiful location with such relevance to your relationship, very unique :) You guys look amazing together. Best wishes for your future together xo
- Gabby Hohn
💝 Just received your 'wedding announcement' envelope Tahnee and Kevin and what a surprise on the date, we thought it was the 16th, and its said 'to elope is a great way to go', a big congrats. We can't wait to see you over the fence and say hi to our dear friends/neighbours. The way you've made your announcement is so creative and modern, as we write in your Guest Book and see your photos online, well done. Enjoy every minute of the wonderful love you share. 👏 💝
- Kathleen and Rob 💝
Congratulations Tahnee and Kevin on a beautiful wedding day. I love the photos and the setting. You both look so happy. I love your vows too. Simply beautiful.
- Donna Farquharson
Congratulations Tahnee and Kevin. What a wonderful surprise. You truly are a perfect couple and I love your creativity. Your wedding is a true reflection of the beautiful people you are. I love the setting, the vows, your photos and the simplicity of making your day what it should be - your day. Love and hugs and kisses, Aunty Karen xoxo
- Aunty Karen
Congratulations Kevin and tahnee! I am so pleased for you love love your bouquet! Beautiful setting. Beautiful photos!. Xxxxxx
- Vicki Buchanan
Tahnee and Kevin - congratulations. Absolutely beautiful photos, you all look amazing. So happy for both of you. Wishing you both every happiness in the world. Love the vows, beautifully written.
- Jan Glass
Thank you for the lovely day on Wednesday you both looked gorgeous. Enjoyed witnessing the love you have for each other. Tahnee welcome to the family we love you both so much. Lots of love from Mother dearest xxx
- Barbara Elliot
congratulations to the both of you on your wedding!the whole day looked so incredibly special and unique.You guys looked so beautiful and happy :) i still cant believe my big brother is married.I am so happy for you kevin and im glad you found Tahnee to spend the rest of your life with. You deserve only the best and thank you Tahnee for being that for my brother.All the best for what life delivers to you both in the future. Love u DaDa and Tahnee -your one and only sister...bluce
- sarah parish
Dear Tahnee & Kevin , You little trickers! Such a romantic, unique and beautiful wedding, so like the bride and groom. Tahnee you were an absolutely gorgeous bride. We are beyond happy for you both and so honoured to be a part of your lives. Lots of love xo
- Auntyt Vic & Uncle Pat
Happy to hear about your special day. We hope your lives are filled with laughter and happiness, children and good health. One Life One Love.
- Peter and Cheryl Williams
Tahnee and Kevin wishing you both a life time of health and happiness together. Your ceremony looked so incredibly beautiful. How magical to have such a special occasion surrounded by so much beauty. Tahnee you looked absolutely stunning and so incredibly happy. Lots of love always xox
- Jessica, Georgia and Josh Boyes
Tahnee and Kevin congratulations. Tahnee you looked absolutely stunning and the special location is so very beautiful. I wish you a lifetime of happiness together. I am very proud of you and I love you dearly. All my love nana xo
- Nana
What a wonderful surprise! Congratulations Tahnee & Kevin. Your beautiful photos show that your wedding was the most special day of your lives. All just so beautiful. Congratulations xx
- Uncle Anthony & Leanne
We wish You Both the most Wonderful Life Together. Congratulations. So Lovely to see the lovely photos and the Love you Share Together xoxo
- Debbie and Cody
Thank you my beautiful Tahnee for the honor of being able to share this most precious and intimate occasion in yours and Kevin's lives. The photographs were stunning in the most ideal setting for two soles who are an extension of what nature has to give. I'm so looking forward to being with you again soon. Love and blessings Helen Courtney xx
- Helen Courtney
Dear Tahnee and Kevin What a wondrous day your special wedding day was and shall be always. We have been to Witches Falls and know it is a beautiful and magical place, Perfect! Congratulations on finding each other and beginning the future with your beautiful vows. May the years ahead be filled with joy and happiness and only tears of laughter. Thankyou for sharing your special day with us. Much love to you both. xxxxoooo
- Ann and Vince Ernst
Tahnee all I can say is you look so beautiful and happy! You guys are perfect for each other and I wish you a future filled with happiness and love! I absolutely love your bouquet! Xxx
- Melissa Goodall
What an absolute pleasure to witness your very special commitment to each other! Wishing you the very best for a wonderful , happy, children filled future together! We love you very much! Gorgeous looking couple! Xoxo
- Mummikins and Dicky